Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Every Day in May #5- Every Day Matters

This morning, I was reading through some of the comments I have gotten from many of you wonderful people about my blog and my work, and I felt so good about it all. It made me feel really grateful for this recent foray into daily drawing that was basically spurred on from reading through Every Day Matters posts, so I decided to make an entry in my Gratitude sketch journal about it.

Doing these little daily drawings and journaling has given me a small tidbit of creativity to look forward to doing during the course of each day.

Today, I decided right away what I would do, but it took me until late this evening to finish it. I worked a little on it between other tasks and commitments, and it never felt like a chore. It was what I wish I could have spent more time doing. Some days are just busier than others, and today was one of those for me.

But if we give in to the day-to-day grind without including art, we never improve with our skills. For me, it seems the more I do, the more I WANT to do. Every day does matter so much- especially with art. I am so grateful to be able to express myself in this way.


Shirley said...

Great painting and journal page. I'm really enjoying following your gratitude journal. I have the same palette - don't you love it?

art addict said...

Yes! I like the fact that it is small, flat, CHEAP and I can pack a lot of colors into it. I didn't draw/paint them in, but I actually have a few blobs of two more colors in the section near the "thumb hole." I know that there are palettes that are a more compact than this one (I love the idea of retrofitting an Altoid tin for example,) but this particular palette is really my workhorse. This is the one I travel with and take along with me on most days. I have all the colors I want! I can get larger brushes into the sections easily, with the whole thing still being portable enough to take along in my handbag. I can grab my sketchbook, this palette and a waterbrush and I am a happy camper for a good while.

I think the palette cost about $3 bucks at Pearl, too, and I have had it for around five years.....have definitely gotten my "bang for the buck," so to speak.

Thanks for the nice words about my journal. :)

Alison said...

What a great theme for a journal and a month - lovely work.

Anetka said...

I love your work and posts, so peaceful and graceful your place is in here:)
thank you.

Sandy said...

Perfect Entry, and I know many of us feel the same way - I love your palette - bright and promising.

simplyred said...

This is a really beautiful sketch. I love the way the color just jumps out at you. Great job and I'm enjoying your Gratitude Journal. We all have so much to be grateful for if we will just stop and take the time to realize it. Beautiful work.

Ms. Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

E-J said...

Ooh, I have just stumbled upon this post. Fabulous watercolour of your watercolours!!