Tuesday, May 6, 2008

19th Worldwide Sketchcrawl- Are You Sketchcrawling Yet?

Saturday, June 21st marks the next Worldwide Sketchcrawl. If you're not sure exactly WHAT a sketchcrawl is, I have the site for you! Check out the Sketchcrawl site for the best and final word on all things"sketchcrawl."

In a nutshell, a sketchcrawl is a meeting-up of people who enjoy drawing and sketching what they see. They get together at a designated place and time, and spend part of a day or a whole day crawling the area and making sketches of whatever interests them. Some people sketch together and stay with the group, and others venture out on their own, but usually everyone comes back together to share the sketches they made with one another.

Check out the Sketchcrawl site to see what might be going on in your area. If nothing shows up in the forum, consider organizing a sketchcrawl group of your own to participate in the event. Of course you can sketchcrawl at any time, but it is fun to be a part of something big like this and see what others have done all over the world on the same day. Sketchers the world over upload their sketchbook entries from the crawl, and you can upload your pics as well!

I am organizing a sketchcrawl in the Tampa Bay area on the west coast of Florida to take place in downtown Dunedin, Pinellas County. I have not posted particulars yet, but it will take place on the same days as the 19th Worldwide Sketchcrawl on June 21, 2008. Here is my forum post, with what I have so far about the crawl in the Tampa Bay area. More will be posted as we get closer to the date, so check back there for more information. Please contact me via the blog if you are interested. We would love to have you in the group!

I am thinking of having anyone who wants to join us, meet at a still-to-be-decided location in Dunedin at 9:00 AM that day. We will sketch until lunchtime and meet-up to share, and for those who still want to keep going, have an afternoon crawl that goes until 3:00 or 4:00. We can meet at Kelley's for a 'tini, beer or a soda and look at the fruits of our labor at the end of the day.

I am psyched. I hope we get a good turnout for the crawl!

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